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Eyelid is one of the first sagging and wrinkling areas; since it has plenty of mimics and a fine skin structure, the first lines manifest themselves in this area. With the eyelid operation, excess skin, fat deposits are removed; moreover, laser can be applied at the same time. When face lift or face lift in combination neck lift is performed for facial wrinkles and sags, the scars are left behind the ears. Postoperative full recovery takes about one week to ten days.
We remove forehead lines, droopy brows, wrinkles between the brows and around the eyes, eliminate sagging facial and neck skin, add volume to reduced fat tissue, correct your cheekbones and chin lines, and refresh your worn skin over time. Sometimes we use closed techniques (endoscope) and laser while performing these. We do a special planning to make you gain a more attractive and younger look. In a very short time -sometimes on the same day-, you can go home.

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As in all cosmetic surgeries, it is essential not to have health problems and to have realistic expectations. It is important to understand that the results to be obtained with facelift intervention may be limited, and that the patient should be psychologically balanced. There is no ideal template drawn for the entire face. The goal is to provide a better face appearance. Skin structure, ethnic characteristics, skin elasticity, facial bone structure and a realistic approach should be addressed before the surgery. This intervention can be performed at the age of eighties, while it may sometimes be necessary even in the thirties.
Face lift surgeries cannot stop aging or reverse the clock. Facelift will help you look better, healthier and younger. The positive result we observed after the surgery is the increase in individual's self-confidence.


Before you decide on facelift surgery, you can discuss with your plastic surgeon whether you need additional interventions on your neck and/or jaw area with facial surgery. Many patients also demand liposuction techniques to be used on the face and neck. In order to get the best results, it may be necessary to make corrections in several regions.
It is very important to choose an expert and experienced plastic surgeon. During the first examination, your plastic surgeon will evaluate your facial regions separately and determine the skin structure, color and elasticity characteristics. Photographs to be taken will then help your plastic surgeon to work on it. Your risk factors, such as hypertension, smoking habit, tendency to scarring, and coagulation characteristics, will be questioned.
Your aesthetic surgeon will ask you about your medical history and will try to have an idea about your mental and psychological structure. As it is a must to have realistic expectations for successful operative result, your plastic surgeon will make explanations about the interventions that will be performed on you and his/her expectations.
When you decide on the surgery and the techniques to be used together with your plastic surgeon, you will be informed about the anesthesia technique, additional interventions, the outcomes and the risks of the surgery, the hospital where the surgery will be performed and the budget.

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Surgical incisions begin from the temporal region and advanced towards the scalp under the earlobe and behind the ear to hide them.
After your plastic surgeon performs tightening procedures for the subcutaneous muscles and connective tissues, s/he removes excess fat and excess tissues on the incision lines. The scars will be hidden in the natural facial lines.
After removing excess skin, the incisions are closed up with fine and elegant sutures. It is not necessary to shorten or shave hair during the surgery. The intervention is normally completed within 3 to 5 hours under normal conditions. A slight-pressure dressing and bandage are applied at the end of the surgery. Although a mild pain may arise after the surgery, this can be controlled by oral painkillers. Some swelling and bruising are normal and are minimized by cold compress applications. Pressure dressings and bandages are opened the nexy day after the surgery. Your plastic surgeon will recommend you to keep your head elevated, restrict your activities, and to report any complaints. Although a great number of facelift surgeries are performed, it involves some risks as in every surgical procedure.

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