As in all other cosmetic interventions, a good general health status and realistic expectations are the preconditions. When your plastic surgeon thightens the forehead area and removes excess skin, the wrinkle lines on the forehead and the stucture of the eyebrows will change. If necessary, your surgeon will also weaken some part of the eyebrows causing frown muscles.

The result is softer muscles and a younger look. If you desire to see what happens at the end of forehead lift, place both hands on the sides of your eyebrows and eyes and stretch the skin upwards. This intervention is also beneficial for patients with droopy brows and excess skin on the eye corners. Although it is usually performed at the age of forties-fifties, in some cases, it may be necessary for younger people. The incisions are made in the scalp and sometimes in the scalp line. Your plastic surgeon will offer you the best option for your condition.

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