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Lip aesthetics includes cosmetic lip surgery, thread lip lift, lip lift, lip filler, lip augmentation and reduction, and the Paris lip.
Do you know why we like fuller lips? Because full and fresh lips are not only the symbol of beauty, but also one of the musts of youth, attractiveness, fertility, sexuality, femininity and most importantly beauty. Beautiful lips, one of the most important complementary elements of facial beauty, are very important for the completion of facial integrity. The size, fullness, slimness or thickness of the lips should be in harmony with and proportional to the nose, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, chin and teeth, which are the other elements of the face. Thick and full lips are the expression of youth, whereas slim and loose lips are the expression of old age. Lips are very important for the aesthetic appearance of the face. Therefore, fresh and full looking lips strengthen the expression of youth and health in our face.

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Some people have congenitally, in other words genetically slim and indistinct lips. While in others, lips get thinner with tissue resorption due to aging and lose its fullness and firmness by wrinkling. Loss of firmness and fullness of tissues is the result of reduction in the amount of skin, muscle and fat in the face. The facial skin along with other structures, heeks, neck skin, eyelids, eyebrows and of course lips sag with the effect of gravity. As a result of sagging lips, the lower teeth become visible when such a type of patients smile and talk, which is the expression of old age. On the other hand, the upper teeth are more visible and the lower teeth are invisible in young people when they smile and talk. This is the expression of a young face.
Lip aesthetics is preferred by those whose lips are genetically slim or get thinner over time and who want to strengthen the expression of facial youth and beauty on their face or who want to have a firmer and fuller lips. Lip reduction surgeries are performed for those with slim and wrinkled lips, as well as black people with thicker lips than normal.

Furthermore, surgeries for lip reconstruction are performed for patients who had to have a portion of their lips removed due to lip cancer, and such type of lip repair surgeries are of great importance in terms of function as well as aesthetics.

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How is it performed?

1. Filling Patient's Own Tissues

Fat Cells
The fat cells taken from the patient's body are carefully processed and injected into the lips and, if necessary, into other wrinkles. Twenty-thirty percent of the cells injected remain within 3-6 months. When the procedure is repeated several times, an effective lip thickening can be obtained. It has no harm and does not involve risks such as allergies etc. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Swellings recover in a few days. It is an extremely easy procedure. It is very effective in cases requiring excessive fullness.

Skin Cells
Subcutaneous tissue removed from the patient's own body, for example from skin removed during abdominoplasty or breast reduction surgery or from scar tissue obtained from previous scars, and fat cells are mixed and injected into the lips in the form of tissue coctail. This technique requires to be repeated 2-3 times since the cells injected are partially resorbed. It is harmless and one of the best techniques. There is no risk of allergy.

2. Surgically Shaping Lips

Seagull wing technique: The aim is to enhance the lip by moving the vermilion border upwards. The incision is made from the upper vermilion border and the upper part of the lip to be lifted, and then the residual skin is removed and the lip skin is sutured to the upper skin so the pink part of the lip is lifted. This technique is a perfect solution for patients with very thin lips and lip edges that are very wrinkled. The result is permanent.

Bullhorn or subnasal lip lift: The tissue right below the lower edge of the nose is cut in the form of bullhorn in accordance with the curves and some skin is removed and the skin is re-sutured, so the lip is lifted upwards. A thin incision scar is left under the nose. This technique is also used to shorten this distance in patients with large upper lip skin. Thus, the visibility of the upper teeth is ensured. The result is permanent.

The Paris lip: The vermilion borders and the groove between the upper lip and the bottom of the nose, called the philtrum, are enhanced using filler materials or fat cells. The vermilion borders become prominent and full.

V-Y technique: V-shaped incisions are made on the upper and lower lips inside the mouth and then they are sutured in Y shape so the lips are enhanced. The result is permanent. It does not change.

Thread Lip Lift: The sutures passed through a small incision made inside the nose are also passed through the lip and then tied, and the lip is lifted upwards. No visible scar is left. It is a very effective technique.

Lip aesthetics, which is one of the most important factors in terms of the completion of facial integrity, is very popular due to the effective results and simple techniques.

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