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Rhinoplasty surgery is probably among the most challenging (reshaping the bone structures) and most important (being in the middle of the face) plastic surgery operations. There are basically 2 surgical philosophies in rhinoplasty surgeries. The first one is camouflage surgery. In camouflage surgery, nose is reshaped by making minimal changes in the nasal bone and cartilages and causing less damage to the muscles and ligaments. Generally, camouflage surgery is CLOSED rhinoplasty. Closed rhinoplasty is usually used for those undergoing rhinoplasty for the first time and requiring small manipulations.

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Nose can be reshaped by making intranasal incisions, as well as the intranasal structures causing shortness of breath can be corrected. Since intranasal incisions are made and the incisions are hidden by using this technique, no postoperative scar forms, at the same time, patient does not need to have sutures removed.
In my opinion, it is surgically a more difficult technique, but the results are better in eligible patients compared the open technique.

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In this technique, nasal bone and cartilages are reshaped by making incisions from the lower part of the nasal tip. This technique is mostly preferred for second nose operations of patients who previously underwent rhinoplasty and did not achieve aesthetically and/or functionally satisfactory result. It can be performed in patient whose bone structures are more shapeless and who are not eligible for closed rhinoplasty.
In my opinion, open rhinoplasty can be performed in patients in whom we cannot achieve the desired result with closed rhinoplasty.

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